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Best Electric Pressure Cookers 2017 – 10 Secret Cookers

Best Electric Pressure Cookers 2017You have a busy day, but you are determined to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for your family in the evening. How do you do it? I believe I discovered the ultimate secret: the best electric pressure cooker.

I have to cook for a family of five so preparing dinner or Sunday lunch has always been somewhat of a struggle for me.

When I was at a friend’s party some time ago, she showed me how she used this appliance and I was totally amazed.

I ran some extensive research and came up with a list of the best electric pressure cookers.

Here I’ll review them objectively.

Cooking with such an appliance is incredibly easy. You just need to add the ingredients plus a small amount of water and lock the lid.

Since the lid is extremely tightly sealed, pressure builds up inside the chamber and the temperature rises well over the boiling point of water.

The ingredients are exposed to the steam and cook much more quickly – in just two thirds of the time it would normally take to prepare the respective recipe.

This cooking option is healthy too, with the food retaining 50% more nutrients.

Energy saving is another huge benefit – you use just 30% of the water and energy that you would otherwise spend on preparing a meal.

Best Electric Pressure Cookers 2017

The modern cookers are packed with advanced features. You can expect to find advanced safety mechanisms which work impeccably.

Fagor 670041960Fagor 67004196013 x 13 x 16 inches 18 pounds Silver
BLACK+DECKER PR100Black+Decker PR10012.4 x 12.4 x 13 inches 4 pounds Stainless Steel
Elite Platinum EPC-808PElite Platinum EPC-808P13.4 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches15.8 pounds Purple
Presto 01241Presto 0124114.9 x 9.3 x 7.7 inches 9 pounds Silver
Presto 01781Presto 01781 23-Quart15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 inches 12 pounds Silver
Fagor SplendidFagor Splendid 4-Quart15.8 x 10.2 x 6.8 inches 7 pounds Silver
Calphalon Stainless SteelCalphalon Stainless11.8 x 11.8 x 10.8 inches 9.6 pounds Black/Silver
Carey – Smart CannerCarey – Smart Canner13.4 x 14.6 x 14.2 inches 17.6 pounds Black
Gourmia GMC700Gourmia GMC70015.7 x 14.4 x 11.4 inches 12.5 pounds Black
Gourmia GMC680 11Gourmia GMC68016 x 8 x 10 inches 12.6 pounds Stainless Steel

Digital controls give you the chance to monitor what’s going on inside the cooker and make adjustments for achieving the best result. You’re certainly eager to discover the top picks for his year. Here they are.

1. Fagor 670041960 LUX Multi Cooker, 8-quart

With its 8-quart capacity, this model is ideal for cooking family meals and dishes for small to medium-sized dinner Fagor 670041960parties. It’s a multi cooker, meaning that it does more than pressure cooking.

With this Fagor appliance, you can use slow cooking to make stews and soups, cook rice and even make yogurt.

The model has a variety of practical functions including simmer, steam, risotto and saute.

My personal favorite is the keep warm function which enables you to keep the food ready for serving until everyone’s at the table.

Another thing which I love about this pressure cooker is the fact that it comes with a digital cookbook in addition to the user manual.


  • Nonstick ceramic cooking pot – It distributes heat evenly and is dishwasher safe too.
  • Delay timer – You choose when to cook.
  • One-touch function buttons – They make cooking incredibly easy.
  • Great capacity
  • Highly versatile
  • Super simple to use
  • Dependable performer
  • Easy cleaning
  • Pressure cooking limited to 100 minutes per session
  • Could have higher pressure cooking settings
  • Food odor comes out as pressure is released

2. Black+Decker PR100 6 Quart Programmable Pressure Cooker

The capacity of 6 quarts makes this one of the best electric pressure cookers a good choice for families.

It has 7 Black+Decker PR100pressure cooking functions, with some of the more intriguing ones being beans and soup.

You also get conventional options like brown rice and meat.

This appliance doubles as a slow cooker and even has a browning function.

There is a function for keeping the food warm which is highly convenient.

The Black & Decker pressure cooker comes with a cookbook and a bunch of helpful accessories – a non-stick serving spoon and a rice measuring cup.


  • 9-feature safety system – The risk of an accident is reduced to the very possible minimum.
  • Nonstick cooking bowl – Washing it is easy just like cooking in it.
  • One-touch button controls – They are super convenient to use.
  • High level of safety
  • Quite versatile
  • Superb performance
  • Very easy to use
  • Convenient cleaning
  • The display could be bigger.
  • The bowl could be thicker.
  • Delayed timer would be nice to have.

3. Elite Platinum EPC-808P Maxi-Matic 8 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

If you’ve always wanted a cooking appliance that can do most of the work for you, this one could be a winner with its 19 functions.Elite Platinum EPC-808P

Most are designed for cooking specific types of food like chicken, vegetables and fish, pork and ribs, beans, soup and even desserts.

In addition to the classic keep warm function, there is reheating which is extremely convenient.

With its 8-quart capacity, this appliance will meet and exceed the average family’s needs.

The brushed steel housing guarantees delicious cooking and provides for great durability too.


Delay timer – You can delay cooking for up to 29 hours. Impressive!

Nonstick cooking pot -Cleaning is really a breeze.

Automatic cooking resumption in case of a power outage – This is incredibly convenient.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Elegant design
  • Large capacity
  • Smooth operation
  • Great durability
  • Small function buttons
  • Pressure cooking limited to 99 minutes
  • The manual is essential for proper use.

4. Presto 01241 4-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker

This model is quite compact and could be a great choice for cooking meals for two. Presto 01241

The heavy-duty aluminum make has two major benefits.

Firstly, you will enjoy even heat distribution which ensures that the ingredients will be excellently cooked with no raw sections.

Secondly, it results in great durability.

This metal is light and resistant to rust.

The package includes a book with 65 pressure cooker recipes and this is a great added bonus, in my opinion.

In general, this utensil is compact and light.

As long as you keep it in good condition, it can last for many years.


  • Cooking rack – You can cook different ingredients at each level without mixing flavors.
  • Automatic pressure regulator – You don’t have to tweak any settings to get the ideal result.
  • Cover lock indicator – It shows when there’s pressure inside the cooker and prevents opening until the pressure is released.
  • Basic sturdy design
  • Advanced cooking features
  • Super easy to use
  • High level of safety
  • Could be easier to clean
  • The pressure indicator isn’t fixed
  • Comes without manual vent

5. Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

If large capacity is your top priority, this model could be the best choice for you. Presto 01781

You can use this appliance not only for pressure cooking but for canning meat, fruit, and vegetables too.

You should definitely consider it as a boiling-water canner if you make jams, pickles, and salsa at home.

This is the most effective way to ensure that your canned food will contain no artificial colors and preservatives and healthy amounts of salt and sugar.

The heavy-gauge aluminum makes results in even heat distribution and long useful life for the cooker.

The instruction manual of this Presto canner and cooker includes a wide variety of recipes for inspiration.


  • Pressure dial gauge – It’s accurate and helps you achieve precision.
  • Rack for cooking and canning – It gives you great convenience.
  • Stay-cool handles – They have ergonomic design
  • Huge capacity
  • Double function
  • Excellent performance
  • Very durable
  • The handles could be bigger.
  • The pressure gauge readings could be larger.
  • Cleaning isn’t super quick and easy.

6. Fagor Splendid 4-Quart Pressure Cooker

If you don’t want anything fancy, but a pressure cooker that just does its job well, you can readily consider this Fagor model. Fagor Splendid

The 4-quart capacity is ideal for small family meals.

This model is quite compact measuring just 11 by 16 by 7. 5 inches so storage shouldn’t be a problem.

It has strong made so you can expect it to last for years to come.

The locking mechanism is reliable and this is extremely important. The handles are large and ergonomic for very easy use.


  • High-pressure setting – You can raise the pressure to 15 psi to cook the most tender meat or poultry.
  • Triple safety mechanism – It works exceptionally well.
  • Pressure regulator with dial design – It’s very easy to use.
  • Compact and light
  • Elegant design
  • Strong make
  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Not the easiest to clean
  • Could benefit from a cooking rack
  • Risk of leaking around the handle and valves

7. Calphalon Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, 6-quart

The strong make and the good capacity naturally make a good impression, but there is more to this utensil.

Calphalon Stainless Steel

You can cut cooking time by as much as half with it and this is a great achievement.

You can prepare anything from rice to meat.

The cooker is exceptionally well designed – it’s tall, but not particularly wide and this makes it very easy to use.

The handles are large and ergonomic and never get hot.

This Calphalon model has great advanced features which deserve your attention.


  • Advanced locking mechanism – You can lock the lid easily no matter which position it is in.
  • Pressure indicator with spring – You will see the indicator’s pin pop up when full pressure is reached.
  • Pressure release dial – You choose whether to cook at low or high pressure.
  • Super easy to use
  • Good capacity
  • Great cooking
  • Strength and durability
  • Not particularly compact
  • Cleaning requires a bit of effort
  • Could have come with a rack

8. Carey – Smart Canner & Cooker – DPC-9SS

Given that this cooker double as a canner, it’s capacity of 9.5 quarts makes it quite versatile. Carey – Smart Canner

You can cook for a big party and make up to five pint jars of jam or pickles in it.

You can use this appliance for pressure and slow cooking and for browning too.

It comes with a full set of safety features to minimize the risk of accidents.

You can be certain that the lid closes tightly.

The timer gives you great control over cooking which you can exercise with ease.


  • Nonstick aluminum pot – It helps for even cooking while being easy to clean.
  • 2 racks – One for cooking and one for canning
  • 10 psi and 15 psi settings – This adds greatly to the model’s versatility.
  • Impressive versatility
  • Easy to use
  • Dependable performance
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Could be larger
  • Small handles
  • Could have better control panel design

9. Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker

You can choose from 8 cooking functions with this multi cooker – boiling, grilling, hot pot cooking, slow cooking, frying, steaming, deep frying and stir fry. Gourmia GMC700


It comes with all accessories which you need for using these functions.

The 5.6-quart capacity is perfectly sufficient for the average family.

You can readily keep the food hot for as long as necessary thanks to the keep warm function.

Cooking is easy with this cooker.

You simply need to push a button to use the timer and to adjust the temperature so that you can achieve perfection.


  • Aluminum pot with nonstick coating – Expect excellent heat distribution and easy cleaning.
  • Glass cover – It makes it easy to keep an eye on the food.
  • LCD display – It’s large and bright.
  • Extremely versatile
  • Fully accessorized
  • Reliable performer
  • 10 recipes included
  • Somewhat steep learning curve
  • The pot could be deeper
  • No delayed function

10. Gourmia GMC680 11 in 1 Sous Vide & Multi Cooker

It’s great that this model has a base with a large display. Gourmia GMC680 11

The stainless-steel make means excellent cooking and great durability.

If you are looking for the best digital pressure cooker, you may consider this model.

It has 11 exciting functions such as sous vide, roast, slow cooker and saute.

You can even bake and make yogurt with it.

The keep warm function is guaranteed to make your life easier.

The 6-quart capacity should be perfectly sufficient for cooking for the whole family.

The cookbook with 16 recipes is a great added bonus.


  • Nonstick aluminum pot – It’s perfect for cooking and easy to wash.
  • Clear lid – This makes cooking even more convenient.
  • LCD display – Its quite big and bright.
  • Awesome versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Dependable operation
  • Quite strong
  • Bigger buttons would be nice
  • The pot’s coating is prone to scratching
  • Not particularly thorough instructions for use

Why Electric Pressure Cooker is Important? Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve read the detailed pressure cooker reviews, it’s decision time.

Electric Pressure Cooker is Important? Buyer’s Guide


You will benefit from having such an appliance at home because it saves you time and money while giving you delicious food without much effort on your part.

The factors to take into account when making a purchase include:

  • Pot capacity
  • Preset functions
  • Safety features
  • Controls and display
  • Make and construction
  • Cleaning and maintenance

What is the Best Among All Discussed above:

For me, the best electric pressure cooker is Fagor 670041960 LUX multi cooker, 8-quart.

It has a wide variety of cooking functions and advanced features like delay timer.

It’s a fantastic performer while being very easy to use and to maintain.


Define your individual needs to choose from the best electric pressure cookers available.

Once you get it, start using it immediately and don’t hesitate to experiment with recipes. It’s time to enjoy great food.Save








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